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I remember this student, we'll call him Mike, who kept starting his turns too quickly. Every turn, I told Mike the turn started too fast yet on the next turn he started it too fast as well. Frequently, I'd slow down the car at approaches to turns to show Mike the safe starting speeds but he still started the turns too fast and felt that when I did slow him down, it was needlessly. I stopped the car and discussed with Mike about how he is not complying with my request to slow down before turns. I asked Mike how often in life he wand to go out of control with his car and he said never.

About 10 minutes later in the lesson we were approaching a "T" shaped intersection. We had to turn left or right. I asked Mike to turn left. I did not instruct that we were going too fast nor did I step on the second brake. The intersection had no ditch or curb, just roads and field. There was a soft down hill run to the intersection and the car picked up a meaningful speed. There was no way the turn was going to be done unless Mike noticed his speed was too fast and slowed himself down. We are now in the field.

"What went wrong, Mike?" "I didn't slow down before the turn."

I met Mike about a year later and asked him what he remembered from driving school. "I remember driving off the road at the turn. That one thing taught me a lot." The experience meant more to him than all of the coaching and explaining I had done.

I cannot have every student run off of the road. As such EXTRA MILE Driving School purchased a simulator from Drive Square Inc. This simulator immerses the student into full 360° broad angled simulation environment.

It has been shown that with the use of real car equipment and a broad angled simulation environment that the chance of a new driver becoming involved in a collision is reduced by about 50%. (Other single or 3-screen simulators cannot make this claim -Systems Technology, Inc., Paper No. 691)

With this simulator, the student feels like they are on the road rather than in a classroom in front of a computer. On other 1-screen or 3-screen simulators, if the student turns their head they see the classroom. On our simulator if the student turns their head left they see someone passing them. If they turn their head right they see someone on the sidewalk. If they turn their head and look behind them they see the truck driving behind them. The student is still inside the simulation environment no matter where they look. On other simulators if the student wants to see up and down a road at an intersection they push a button or a foot pedal to bring the left and right views to the screen in front of them. They don't turn their head. On our simulator the student actually turns their head to see up and down an intersecting road just as you must do in a real car. The student can do shoulder checks on our simulator to look for traffic in neighbouring lanes or bicycles or pedestrians. A shoulder check on 1-screen or 3-screen simulators results in the student seeing the classroom.

On our simulator, the student uses a real steering wheel, a real gas and brake pedal and sits in a real car seat as apposed to the gaming equipment that other simulators use.

We cannot encourage dangerous situations during in-car lessons and we can only discuss dangerous situations in the classroom. The simulator is the closest we can come to helping the student experience dangerous situations. The student learns to anticipate danger without endangering themselves.

Airplane pilots in training use simulators to help pilots practice dangerous situations that real pilots have experienced. These valuable experiences are passed on to new pilots without endangering them during training.

New drivers lack the experience that seasoned drivers have thus even though their reflexes may be faster they need the experience to help them anticipate concerns on the road. The simulator allows us to provide new drivers with our seasoned experiences that are too dangerous to re-enact in a real car. I cannot hire a cyclist to swerve in front of a driving school car. However, I can get a simulator cyclist to do just that. I cannot get pedestrians to run out from between parked cars in front of my driving school car. However I can get a simulator pedestrian to do just that.
Other driving schools train students about dangerous situations with discussion and assignments. We do as well, however we also add the extra power of the simulator to enforce these lessons with experience.
Our combination of class, simulator, and car make us one of the best driving schools in eastern Ontario. We care about how they will drive.


EXTRA MILE came all the way to White Lake to serve my son. This convenience was excellent.

I came to your school because my friend went to your school and she’s a very good driver.

I heard good things about your school. You come highly recommended.

I like the philosophy of your school.

I got a perfect mark on my road test. The simulator was awesome; it didn’t feel anything like a typical video game. When I turned my head there was still traffic around me. The difficult scenarios on the simulator are still vivid in my mind.

I’m more aware of what might happen when I’m driving.

My wife went to EXTRA MILE thinking the in-class was going to be boring. After each class, she was anxious to tell me what exciting things she has learned.

My daughter learned 3 ways to parallel park.

Before I went, I wondered what could possibly be taught about driving in a classroom for 4 days? Wow! I didn’t realize there was so much to learn.

The instructor kept it interesting the whole time.

At the end of each In-car lesson, we got in the car with my son and got him to teach us what he had just learned.We were totally impressed and told him to thank the In-car instructor.

My son started EXTRA MILE, he corrects me on my driving. I'm pleased with what he has learned and his earnest to apply it.

The instructor had a sincere interest in having my daughter learn. He made her learn and she had fun learning it.He’s funny, amusing, and keeps things interesting. He’s very entertaining.

After just two in-car lessons, I let my daughter drive herself to school.Wow! I wasn't freaking hysterically at her like I did before her lessons.

I got my money’s worth and more. Fantastic course.

My son has already been driving with his G1 for a year and I thought that there was nothing more to teach him. I just sent him to get the insurance certificate. At the end of his first In-car lesson he came into the house telling me about all of this stuff he had learned.

Should be the one used in the schools.


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