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We are looking for in-car instructors

Driving instruction is an honourable essential career that helps people develop an essential life skill in today's society.

If you have the interest to help others gain their independence and improve their life style, enjoy working with people, care about their safety and the quality of drivers on the roads; then driving instruction is a career choice for you.

The benefits of being and in-car instructor are:

  • You get to be a back-seat driver sitting in the front seat.
  • You get your own brake pedal. Something every back-seat driver wants.
  • You have the best window office in town.
  • You get drivers you can criticize.
  • You work your own hours.
  • You get self employment benefits.
  • You work with people and help them grow.
  • You help others improve the quality and independence of their life in a significant way.
  • You even get paid.


  • Fluent in English
  • Driving instructors license
  • Car licensed for driving instruction by the city of Ottawa

EXTRA MILE Driving School, incorporated since 2003, is a fast growing company that cares about the quality of instruction to our students. If you care about the quality of your work then give us a call for an interview and more information.

Call today to schedule an interview at 613-858-7242



EXTRA MILE came all the way to White Lake to serve my son. This convenience was excellent.

I came to your school because my friend went to your school and she’s a very good driver.

I heard good things about your school. You come highly recommended.

I like the philosophy of your school.

I got a perfect mark on my road test. The simulator was awesome; it didn’t feel anything like a typical video game. When I turned my head there was still traffic around me. The difficult scenarios on the simulator are still vivid in my mind.

I’m more aware of what might happen when I’m driving.

My wife went to EXTRA MILE thinking the in-class was going to be boring. After each class, she was anxious to tell me what exciting things she has learned.

My daughter learned 3 ways to parallel park.

Before I went, I wondered what could possibly be taught about driving in a classroom for 4 days? Wow! I didn’t realize there was so much to learn.

The instructor kept it interesting the whole time.

At the end of each In-car lesson, we got in the car with my son and got him to teach us what he had just learned.We were totally impressed and told him to thank the In-car instructor.

My son started EXTRA MILE, he corrects me on my driving. I'm pleased with what he has learned and his earnest to apply it.

The instructor had a sincere interest in having my daughter learn. He made her learn and she had fun learning it.He’s funny, amusing, and keeps things interesting. He’s very entertaining.

After just two in-car lessons, I let my daughter drive herself to school.Wow! I wasn't freaking hysterically at her like I did before her lessons.

I got my money’s worth and more. Fantastic course.

My son has already been driving with his G1 for a year and I thought that there was nothing more to teach him. I just sent him to get the insurance certificate. At the end of his first In-car lesson he came into the house telling me about all of this stuff he had learned.

Should be the one used in the schools.


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