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We do one-on-one in car training and not 3, or 2-on-1.

  • Ministry of Transport limits driving instruction to 2-on-1. A driving school offering 3-on-1 in-car service is working outside of their license.

  • 10 hours in the car means 10 hours behind the wheel – not 30 hours in the car with 20 of them waiting for your turn. Your time is valuable.

  • No embarrassment from making mistakes in front of your peers.
    Fewer distractions from others in the car

The Full Course

Full Course with automatic transmission
(minimum of 10 hrs of in-car).
$888 taxes included. ($785.84 + HST)

Full Course with manual transmission.  
(minimum of 12 hrs of in-car).
$1099 taxes included. ($972.57 + HST)

The full course is the Ministry of Transport approved Beginners Cooperative Defensive driving course. This course involves 4 days of in-class - 20 hrs, 35 simulation scenerios with discussions and assignments - 10hrs, and a minimum of 5 in-car lessons of 2hrs each 1-on-1 to your door - 10hrs. Occasionally additional in-car lessons may be required at an additional charge.

20 hours
In Class - (Attitude)

With the use of videos, slides, power point presentations, white board diagrams, numerous questions, high interaction with the students, class activities, numerous props and reviews, students are attentive and learn way more than they expected.

  • Law, Signs, Signals, Pavement markings
  • Knowing your vehicle (It's more than just a cool car)
  • Why your vehicle will skid (Almost all skids are caused by the driver.)
  • Motives, Attitude, Behaviour, Teamwork
  • Anticipating verses reacting
  • How to deal and not deal with a tailgater. (Why it's wrong to tap your brakes)
  • Impaired driving. (It's way more than just drinking and driving)

35 Virtual Reality Simulator Scenerios- (Anticipation)

With our Virtual Reality Kinaesthetically Correct Simulator, students learn how to find and handle dangerous situations in a safe environment. They improve their ability to anticipate rather than react.

  • Handling the steering wheel, gas and brakes
  • Being aware of traffic all around you – not just in front.
  • Checking all around before moving
  • Watching your mirrors
  • Construction
  • Passing, others passing in front of you
  • Cyclists
  • Pedestrians and traffic not stopping for their red light
  • Handling emergency situations, collision avoidance
  • Lane changes
  • Winding roads
  • Slippery roads

1-on-1 In-Car – (Techniques)

minimum of 10 Hours automatic or 12 hours manual transmission

In-car lessons are done in a minumum of 5 automatic or 6 manual modules of 2 hours each. Occasionally, if a student is not doing well, additional lessons will be required.

  • Turning
  • 3-point turns
  • Parking, Forward in, Backing in, Hill, and of course Parallel Park
  • Railroad tracks
  • Lane changes
  • Downtown and one way streets,
  • Freeway
  • You can have in-car only lessons if you wish

Additional Services

In Car Lessons

Would you like a refresher session in the car or just some extra time to go over the basics? We are glad to provide extra one-on-one in-car sessions for you.
We offer 2 hour In-car lessons for, $118 ($104.42 + HST) automatic, $130 ($115.04 + HST) manual.

Extra Mile Express $113 ($100 + HST)

This is used in conjunction with the full course. You may have a need or wish to book all of your In-car lessons with one request. This allows you to:
Finish the In-car portion in a predetermined time.
Schedule yourself and control the pace that you want to learn.

Use of an EXTRA MILE vehicle for
Ministry of Transport testing

$145 ($128.32 + HST) for G2, $160 (141.59 + HST) for G, plus potential travel charges.

We offer the EXTRA MILE vehicle that you used to learn in, for the Ministry of Transport road tests.


  • Pick you up at a place of your convenience at least 1 hour before the test.
  • Let you use our vehicle on the road test.
  • Stand by as you get your upgraded license if you pass.
  • Chauffeur you back to the place of your convenience.

We've taken students to Arnprior, Westport, Renfrew, Walkley, Canotek Road, Winchester, Casselman, Kemptville, Carleton Place, Smith Falls and Hawksbury testsites. Ideally, the point of pickup should be within a 30-minute drive to the testsite to get the best benefit of this service. Road Test Examiners like using Driving School cars as Driving School cars have a second brake available.


EXTRA MILE came all the way to White Lake to serve my son. This convenience was excellent.

I came to your school because my friend went to your school and she’s a very good driver.

I heard good things about your school. You come highly recommended.

I like the philosophy of your school.

I got a perfect mark on my road test. The simulator was awesome; it didn’t feel anything like a typical video game. When I turned my head there was still traffic around me. The difficult scenarios on the simulator are still vivid in my mind.

I’m more aware of what might happen when I’m driving.

My wife went to EXTRA MILE thinking the in-class was going to be boring. After each class, she was anxious to tell me what exciting things she has learned.

My daughter learned 3 ways to parallel park.

Before I went, I wondered what could possibly be taught about driving in a classroom for 4 days? Wow! I didn’t realize there was so much to learn.

The instructor kept it interesting the whole time.

At the end of each In-car lesson, we got in the car with my son and got him to teach us what he had just learned.We were totally impressed and told him to thank the In-car instructor.

My son started EXTRA MILE, he corrects me on my driving. I'm pleased with what he has learned and his earnest to apply it.

The instructor had a sincere interest in having my daughter learn. He made her learn and she had fun learning it.He’s funny, amusing, and keeps things interesting. He’s very entertaining.

After just two in-car lessons, I let my daughter drive herself to school.Wow! I wasn't freaking hysterically at her like I did before her lessons.

I got my money’s worth and more. Fantastic course.

My son has already been driving with his G1 for a year and I thought that there was nothing more to teach him. I just sent him to get the insurance certificate. At the end of his first In-car lesson he came into the house telling me about all of this stuff he had learned.

Should be the one used in the schools.


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